For a compelling read about the Islamic faith, read "What is Islam? An Essay" by Imam W. Deen Mohammed  here

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To contribute to a well-rounded way of life for those who seek the truth, we educate about all facets of life-from life skills to healthy living. You're sure to find useful information, tips, and insight to direct a right path in life.
Welcome to our Thoughts for Searchers website! We believe that an informed person can positively impact the world. Our non-fiction, real-world literary pieces are sure to delight and transform your life. 
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To know is to grow. Your lifeline is directly connected to having adequate resources available. We provide access to many valuable tools, resources and people-all in one place! 

As keynote speaker at the 2019 Luce-Hartford Conference  in Christian-Muslim Relations, watch Imam Shaheed's address  here

Inspiration comes from many sources, in various shapes and forms. Our roots come from a Muslim perspective and transcend beyond religiosity where anyone of any faith can benefit from our work. We strive for knowledge and its inclusion, not division. 

"​I pray  that in my compiling and editing these thoughts and reflections...I have achieved some degree of success." - Imam Ronald Shaheed

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