Here and Thereafter is a compilation of book reviews by Imam Deen Mohammed

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Reading Is Fundamental is a compilation of book reviews by Imam Deen Mohammed

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"After Difficulty"

"Mythological Concepts: The Burden on America & The West"

"For Those Who Thirst"

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A timely reading about why education has been and is the number one tool for advancing human civilization. Imam Mohammed's commentary begins with the religious concepts of the creation of man (the human being). 

"Here and Hereafter"

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"The Promised Human Destiny"

"Education: A Sacred Matter"

The Promised Human Destiny presents Imam W. Deen Mohammed's reflections on five Prophets, or human types, that stand out as representatives of the progression towards the destiny for humanity at large that was established by G_d when He created the first human person.


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The current climate in the world encumbers all with an ear to hear the truth, and align with the knowledge you now bear.  A critical piece about three (3) major issues make a global impact and how they each tie together. Imam Mohammed's commentary is a deep-dive into how race, religion, and the power to reconcile affects our lives. 

Dedicated to all who thirst for understanding that will assist them in their journey to their human destiny.

​​​Thoughts for Searchers Seeking to Understand Life is a compilation of Imam W. Deen Mohammed's  intimate thought on a wide variety of topics. Thoughts for Searchers begins with the chapter, titled, "Logic for All People and concludes with, "The Continued Life of the Human Soul".  It is a must read for seekers who are searching to understand the true meaning of life itself.

"Reading Is Fundamental"

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​After Difficulty... shares with the reader Imam W. Deen Mohammed's insights on the possible blessings one can receive from G_d through experiencing pain and suffering.

Learn more about our inspiration, Imam W. Deen Mohammed.

"On Racism, Religion and Reconciliation"

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"Thoughts for Searchers"

Each literary piece has your growth in mind.

"The Women Who Call to the Issue "

Global conversations and debates concerning the true liberation of all women is more intense today than it has ever been in modern history. This book contributes to these conversations and debates by examining the root causes of the denigration of women, i.e., the misreading of mythology and Scripture.

Thoughts for Searchers

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