Imam Ronald B. Shaheed is available to give presentations and/or lectures on Islam and the African American experience. His years of direct mentorship under the leadership of Imam W. Deen Mohammed and a wealth of experiential learning renders him a well-versed subject matter expert on Islamic affairs.  

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Imam Shaheed is able to design presentations customized to your audience and topic need 

Topics range from: 

  • The History of the Nation of Islam

  • The Life of Elijah Mohammed, the leader of the Nation of Islam from 1933-1975

  • The Life of Imam W. Deen Mohammed, the leader of the Indigenous Muslim American community from 1975-2008

  • Interfaith Dialogue, especially between Christians and Muslims

Imam Ronald B. Shaheed

First Keynote Speaker at the 2019 Luce-Hartford Conference in Christian-Muslim Relations - "The History and Legacy of African-American Interfaith Relations in a Racially Divided America" - June 17, 2019

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